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In this episode I speak to Alexandr Honchar, data scientist and owner of blog
Alexandr has written very interesting posts about time series analysis for financial data. His blog is in my personal list of best tutorial blogs. 

We discuss about financial time series and machine learning, what makes predicting the price of stocks a very challenging task and why machine learning might not be enough.
As usual, I ask Alexandr how he sees machine learning in the next 10 years. His answer - in my opinion quite futuristic - makes perfect sense. 

You can contact Alexandr on


Enjoy the show!


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In this episode I have a wonderful conversation with Chris Skinner.

Chris and I recently got in touch at The banking scene 2019, fintech conference recently held in Brussels. During that conference he talked as a real trouble maker - that’s how he defines himself - saying that “People are not educated with loans, credit, money” and that “Banks are failing at digital”.

After I got my hands on his last book Digital Human, I invited him to the show to ask him a few questions about innovation, regulation and technology in finance.

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